Do what you can while you can do it.

Well, I'm at it again! I've decided to once again bike the Climate Ride, but this time I'm riding the West Coast!!

From October 2-6, if I can raise enough money, I'll be biking 320 miles of the gorgeous coast of California, starting in the Redwood Empire near Eureka, traveling up the coast and ending at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!

I'm raising $2,400 that will benefit both the Active Transportation Alliance and the League of American Bicyclists.

I truly believe that every little bit we each do will help the future conditions of our planet, and the more we do now, the faster we will see those benefits.

Please make whatever donation you can (every little bit truly does help!) by clicking the button above. It's super easy and takes less than just a couple of minutes.

Each person who donates at least $50 will receive a copy of the poster I've designed to help raise funds for this journey. I designed the first half based on the awesome experiences I had during my first Climate Ride this past May, from NYC to DC. The other half of the poster I will finish upon my return from the Climate Ride California coming up. I'll then be screen printing the posters on colored paper with white ink.

Thank you for believing in me and supporting me and this incredible cause!!

Much love,